Tasks That You Will Perform As A Dental Assistant

March 28, 2017 Dental Health

The job of a dental assistant is not just about passing tools and other equipment to the dentist. There are a whole lot of different tasks that a dental assistant needs to perform during his (or her) working hours.

These tasks not only require training, experience and skills but also a lot of consistency and dedication towards the job. 10 of the main tasks that a dental assistant needs to perform is as follows:

*To console and give confidence to the patients before their dental surgery. Apart from this, a dental assistant needs to sanitize all the dental tools that are going to be used in the surgery and has to set up the apparatus trays and assist the dentist during the surgery.


March 27, 2017 Zelluloid , , ,

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Acupuncture and Its Beneficial Effects in Healing the Body

March 24, 2017 Medicine


Acupuncture is the practice of putting very thin needles in specific parts of the body to stimulate energy points to improve health and well being.

The beneficial effects produced by Acupuncture are:
Analgesia: pain relieving effect
Homeostasis: maintaining the normal balance in the body
Sedation: calming effect
Immunity: enhancing the immune system

Two useful options for saving money on your employees healthcare costs

March 22, 2017 Healthcare , ,

In today’s business world employers all across the county are struggling with the decisions of how to operate as lean as possible without taking away anything from their employees. With regards to an employers retirees there are some options that organizations can use to help offset some of the costs. Two important and helpful programs that an employer should look into that help save money on healthcare costs are theRetiree Drug Subsidy Program (RDS) and the Early Retiree Reimbursement Program (ERRP)

In 2005 The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced the Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS) program. What the program does is reimburse municipalities, unions and private employers for a portion of their eligible expenses for retiree prescription drug benefits. Over the years employers have slowly but steadily cut back on their prescription drug coverage for retirees. CMS introduced this program with the goal of encouraging employers to continue providing high-quality prescription drug coverage to their retirees. The nice part about this program is that it is very straightforward and there is usually little to no benefit design changes to current coverage.

Another more recent, yet temporary program that is offered to employers to help with healthcare costs is the Early Retiree Reimbursement Program. The Program was established by the Affordable Care Act, which was a part of the Healthcare Reform Bill passed in early 2010. The program provides $5 billion in financial assistance to employers to help them maintain coverage for early retirees age 55 and older who are not yet eligible for Medicare. The program will reimburse employers 80 percent of all medical costs per retiree, which includes their spouses and dependents. The cost must however be between the $15,000-$90,000 worth of expenses. Employers can use the savings to either reduce their own health care costs, provide premium relief to their workers and families or a combination of both.

Knee Pain Relief Ways To Treat Patellar Subluxations – Knee Braces That Help

March 21, 2017 Dental Health

Whether you like it or not, patella subluxations can happen. Can you relate? If you would like some free information on patella subluxations, how they happen, and how to treat them; then read on.

The trochlea is a groove on the thigh bone (femur) that is essential for knee movement. The kneecap moves along this grove, which allows for your knee to bend in a proper manner. Unfortunately, sometimes the kneecap does not move properly in the groove, which can lead to problems. In some cases, the knee leaves the groove altogether, which results in knee dislocation. In others it just slides improperly, which can cause pain or discomfort for the patient.

Patellar subluxation usually strikes adolescents or young children, however it can affect anyone. There are a number of reasons why someone may get patellar subluxation, including being born with a groove that is too shallow, a wide pelvis or abnormalities in ones gait.

ViiV Healthcare announces HIVAIDS initiatives to improve access to medicines

March 21, 2017 Healthcare , , ,

To address the evolving treatment needs of people living with HIV/AIDS in the poorest and most vulnerable countries, ViiV Healthcare has announced a new series of initiatives, including:

Improving access to medicines by granting generic manufacturers royalty free licenses to the whole portfolio of ViiV Healthcare antiretroviral medicinesExpanding the number of countries that can benefit from this arrangement to include all least developed countries, all low income countries and all of sub-Saharan Africa – that is 80% of all people currently living with HIV

Extending the Not For Profit Price commitment of Viiv’s ARV portfolio with governments and international procurement agencies to all of these 69 countries

Steroids For Rash Reduction Treatment

March 20, 2017 Eczema

At some time in most people’s lives a rash can develop. These can be caused by many different things such as allergies to certain foods, chemicals or metals, heat, insect bites or reactions to certain medications. People may resort to the use of an over the counter topical cream containing steroids for rashes, if the problem persists for a number of days. These may do the trick and work in most cases, although some people will have to seek medical assistance there is no response.

Certain rashes occur due to infections or illnesses such as shingles, rubella or measles. These will disappear after appropriate medication is taken for the particular condition. Skin problems that occur as a reaction to medications will normally disappear soon after it is changed or discontinued.

Allergic reactions to certain foods may be more difficult to diagnose, as the patient will have to undergo a number of tests to determine which foods they are allergic to. Some rashes associated with the general term eczema can be treated by using both a moisturizer as well as cortisone cream. However, there can be stubborn cases as well as severe ones that do not easily respond.

Asthma – Status Asthmaticus

March 18, 2017 Respiration Health

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder in which a person experiences difficulty in breathing, accompanied by wheezing and a “tight” chest. Additional symptoms can be a dry cough and vomiting (usually in children). An asthma attack may start suddenly; the fear and worry that this causes can prolong the attack.

Question: What causes asthma attacks?

Asthma attacks are caused by a narrowing of the small bronchial tubes in the lungs. The most common kind of asthma (allergic bronchial asthma) is caused by an allergic reaction. Many pollens, molds, dusts (especially dust containing the house mite), and animal hair and dander can cause allergic-type asthma attacks.